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When you need a medical physics consultant to inspect your equipment, check for regulatory compliance, help with facility shielding and design or safety audits, you need those services provided in a timely way to prevent down time or delays in patient care.
The Missouri Radiation Control Program has changed procedures.  This white paper will be helpful.
Complying with the Missouri Radiation Control Program


Physicist Qualifications

MQSA Physicist Qualifications Steve Hale 2018

MQSA Physicist Qualifications Greg Sackett 2018

MQSA Physicist Qualifications Kevin Sweeney 2018


Joint Commission Qualifications Steve Hale

Joint Commission Qualifications Greg Sackett

Joint Commission Qualifications Keven Sweeney


Iowa Permits

IA Authorization Letter for ISS 2017

IA Mammography Registration Steve Hale 2017

IA Mammography Registration Greg Sackett 2017

IA Mammography Registration Keven Sweeney 2017