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Posted on Tuesday, November 27th, 2012, under

We believe clinics and hospitals that provide services such as mammography, MRI, CT, x-rays and ultrasounds should have the confidence to handle increasing regulations and audits with ease, so that they can continue serving patients without costly interruptions.

Keeping radiological and imaging equipment running at peak performance is also a top priority for the ISS team so that patients and technicians are free from exposure. ISS has the expertise to troubleshoot equipment, run full reports, and assist every step of the way in keeping equipment operating efficiently.

Meet our Team:
A look at the background of  the ISS leadership team explains why we are a top-performing medical physics consulting company.

Jon Erickson:  Meeting our team starts with Jon Erickson, the founder of ISS. He earned his doctorate in medical physics from Vanderbilt University where he later joined the faculty as a professor of radiology. He’s certified by the American Board of Radiology in nuclear medical physics and diagnostic radiological physics. He founded ISS in 1992 with the intent of solving unusual imaging problems and assisting professionals in the industry with regulatory compliance issues.

Shirley Bartley: Shirley has been a consultant with ISS since 1996, and founded a radiologic technology-training program at a technical center in St. Joseph, Mo. She has experience in three states as a radiology administrator. Ms. Bartley has a proven track record of solving problems while educating radiology professionals.

Steve Hale:  Steve has his doctorate in nuclear physics and a background in software design. His role at ISS is to focus on the evaluating equipment. He also brings knowledge to the area of facility accreditation and radiation education. Mr. Hale easily communicates the importance of radiation protection to professionals in the field. He is also effective in communicating the fine details regarding equipment performance.

Greg Sackett: Greg’s goals are in line with the rest of the team – he’s focused on assisting organizations develop better safety practices and improve performance. His experiences allow him to deliver on those promises: For 12 years, he served as a radiation safety officer for facilities with a variety of radioactive materials licenses. Mr. Sackett’s expertise in radioactive materials licensing and radiation safety programs boosts ISS’s profile in those areas.