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ISS is the only team you need to meet your physics challenges and reach your goals. With 20-plus years’ experience and a can-do attitude, we’re here when you call to keep you moving forward in the following areas:

  • Radiography (these will be linked internally)
  • CT
  • Mammography
  • MRI
  • Ultrasound
  • Nuclear Medicine
  • Education

The medical physics consulting provided by ISS assists in facility design and shielding, providing a more practical equipment layout scenario for a higher functioning facility. ISS’s radiography services include a quality control support and problem-solving element that will bring to light any issues that a facility has with image quality.

Equipment inspections carried out by ISS fall under MQSA, ACR and AAPM guidelines. The reports generated by the ISS team after these inspections are clear and easy to understand. Each report offers details about how to address specific challenges, and ISS is available for further consultation on reports if questions remain. We help facilities set up monitoring and equipment programs that provide a way to repeatedly test for excellent image quality. Part of this ongoing program design includes an annual physics inspection of the equipment, and quality control tests will point to areas that need to be addressed before image problems appear.

Radiation safety is an area of outstanding expertise for the team at ISS. We include elements like patient holding logs, pregnant patient policies, pregnant employee policies, annual evaluation of protective clothing, technique charts for x-ray exams and annual equipment evaluations.

Computed tomography services from ISS assist facilities in determining the shielding requirements for their CT scanner rooms. State regulation agencies closely monitor these practices, which is why ISS has developed calculations that keep facilities within regulation. ISS will also perform the initial equipment inspection states require before they can be used on patients. We also have the expertise to determine if the equipment is showing inadequacies prior to the facility accepting it from the vendor.

ISS is highly qualified in performing the annual equipment survey, which is also a requirement facilities must meet. In years past, ISS performed more than 35 system inspections annually on CT scanners. ISS staff has experience with every CT system that is used in clinics and hospitals today.

Working toward American College of Radiation (ACR) accreditation can be a trying task while running the day-to-day medical physics service. ISS can help in this area by assisting facilities in filling out the applications and data forms, scanning the CT phantom and measuring doses as required for ACR accreditation.

Nearly 40 million mammograms are performed each year in the U.S. ISS is steeped in the inspection process of the mammography systems, performing at least 70 inspections annually. With each inspection,  we offer  suggestions about the equipment and where it best fits in the office for a more productive workspace. ISS also provides information about the best shielding practices in the mammography suite.

Initial equipment inspections and annual inspections, as required by the American College of Radiology, are also carried out by ISS. As the mammography equipment sees daily use in most facilities, it’s not unusual for imaging problems to occur. ISS offers quality control tests that can be carried out over the phone or on-site. Whether the facility is using digital systems or film/screen systems, ISS has 15 years of experience in solving imaging problems on a variety of systems.

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) equipment falls under the same American College of Radiology (ACR) testing requirements prior to use as any other piece of equipment in the medical physics facility. The MRI equipment is also subject to annual testing to ensure that it is working properly. ISS offers the expertise to ensure that new equipment used for MRI is working according to the manufacturer’s specifications and the specification of the facility.

ISS has years of experience with every MRI system on the market today (in the U.S.). ISS is also available to assist facilities in gaining their ACR accreditation helping to complete the application, data forms and physicist inspection reports.

The reports from ISS regarding MRI equipment testing can give you precise information about what needs to be done to create better imaging or pinpoint issues within the equipment. From assisting in phantom scanning to filling out paperwork, ISS brings experience and knowledge together for MRI service assistance that will keep you in compliance and productive.

Most accreditation programs require annual and semi-annual evaluations of their ultrasound systems, which ISS is fully capable of doing for systems using pulse-echo. However, we know that for you to get the most out of your ultrasound services, you need consistent attention from an ultrasound technologist, not just annual evaluations.

ISS inspects ultrasound equipment using AAPM, MQSA and ACR guidelines. The ultrasound inspection reports are clear and easy to understand and include a cover sheet where the biggest problems are in bold letters. These reports are delivered to facility management before the ISS experts leave the facility.

Nuclear Medicine
ISS has a leadership team with outstanding knowledge of nuclear medicine. Our team is fully capable of auditing nuclear medicine facilities on quarterly, semi-annual and annual inspections. ISS also provides calibration services and sealed source tests.

We have experience with every nuclear medicine system being used in the U.S. today, and can provide physicist surveys of the systems, which are a requirement of the American College of Radiology.

The equipment used in nuclear medicine must be tested before being used on patients. We offer full acceptance testing for the new equipment, as well as complete reports that will list recommendations for a more productive nuclear medicine suite. ISS is also qualified complete the necessary steps to acquire radioactive materials licensing for facilities utilizing nuclear medicine.

Achieving and maintaining radiological accreditation can be easy and efficient with the ISS team expertise. We’re fully accredited with both the ACR and the Association of Radiology Administrators. Let us train your staff in radiation safety and good, sound practice.