Meet Our Team

Steve Hale:  Steve has his doctorate in nuclear physics and a background in software support. His role at ISS, Inc., is to focus on evaluating equipment. He also brings knowledge to the area of facility accreditation and radiation protection. Steve easily communicates the importance of radiation safety to professionals in the field. He is also effective in communicating the fine details regarding equipment performance.

Greg Sackett: Greg’s goals are in line with the rest of the team – he’s focused on assisting organizations develop better safety practices and improve performance. His experiences allow him to deliver on those promises. For 12 years, he served as a Radiation Safety Officer for facilities with a variety of radioactive materials licenses. Greg’s expertise in radioactive materials licensing and radiation safety programs boosts the ISS, Inc., profile in those areas.

Kevin Sweeney: Kevin has his master’s in nuclear engineering from the University of Missouri-Columbia. His goals are to compliment the ISS, Inc. team by helping facilities improve radiation safety and evaluate the performance of medical imaging equipment. He has been well trained under Jon Erickson, Steve Hale and Greg Sackett since joining the field.

Robin Sackett: Robin is the ISS, Inc. Office Manager.  Over the years she has worked in many fields.  She will gladly help out clients with any administrative or billing questions.