Education & Safety

We provide expert medical physics consulting services so you can meet accreditation requirements or licensing requirements, including help with forms and paperwork. Our team can also offer education to make sure your staff and your patients are safe.

Our knowledge includes general advice, state-specific radiology advice, or specific advice by modality. ISS, Inc., offers team members who are qualified with both the ACR and the Association of Radiology Administrators.

  • Education for Radiation Safety and ACR Accreditation:
    This is an area of outstanding expertise for the team at ISS, Inc. We include elements such as patient holding logs, pregnant patient policies, pregnant employee policies, annual evaluation of protective clothing, technique charts for x-ray exams and annual equipment evaluations. We can also help with licensing for radioactive materials.
  • CT:  We provide assistance in completing the application for ACR accreditation. This includes help scanning the CT phantom, completion of the data forms, and dose measurements required by ACR for accreditation.
  • ISS Inc., medical physics consultants also have expertise in accreditation for mammography, ultrasound, MRI and nuclear medicine. We can assist facility management in completing the application for accreditation as well as assisting with phantom scans, completing data forms and inspection reports.